About Us

Through its parent company, Intra-Mail Network (www.Intra-Mail.com), the team behind Waste-Free Mail has worked for more than a decade to educate, inform consumers about the impact of waste particularly, paper waste, on the environment. Our expanded website, whose key features are highlighted below, provides customers with tools to be proactive in reducing waste.

Waste-Free Mail (WFM) Connect

The Waste-Free Mail (WFM) Connect, formally Facing Slip Processor, is B-to-B technology connecting companies directly to customers to validate contact information and gather intelligence on communication preferences. Each customer is assigned a unique access code. The customer logs on to www.wastefreemail.com and enters the access code on the home page. From there, easy-to-follow instructions allow the customer to update contact information and register communication preferences. For security, the WFM Connect technology has authorization safeguards.

WFM OptOut

Together We Can Protect the Environment & Save Time and Money by Reducing Mail Waste!

WFM OptOut transmits customer preferences directly to mailers specifically to remove incoming mail waste. New Users must submit a 1-time profile by completing the short form on our wastefreemail.com/OptOut page. WFM will contact the mailer on your behalf. If the name appears in the mailer field, the mailer will receive your update(s) within seconds. Otherwise, the mailer will receive your update(s) within a week.

If interested in expanding WFM OptOut program in your organization, please start by clicking the link clicking the link wastefreemail.com/Opt-Out.pdf for specific information. Please contact us at optout@wastefreemail.com and a staff member will provide more information.

Waste-Free Mail (WFM) 2.0

WFM 2.0 is a mass electronic mail hygiene, delivery, and records management application. WFM 2.0 has the capability to track and archive information for the distribution of advertising journals, magazines and marketing materials to bulk lists of addressees’ at large institutions such as colleges, universities, and government agencies. WFM 2.0 will scan and convert physical, hard copy documents into electronic versions with no loss of clarity, readability, layout, design, or pagination from the original source document. Hardcopy delivery will occur only if a recipient has opted out of email, if no email address for the recipient is available, or if the item cannot be digitized and stored.

WFM Referral Process

IMN has worked with leading institutions (e.g., universities, military bases, research institutions) to implement sustainable practices aimed at reducing the amount of undeliverable mail to central mail centers. The company has helped surpass waste reduction goals at these institutions and increased operational efficiencies. By completing the short form on our Referral page, IMN will contact the mailer on your behalf about waste reduction strategy.

At Waste-Free Mail, we are focused on providing our users with tools and information to reduce waste. We welcome your suggestions and comments.